KYC Guide

Where can I KYC on?

Log in your account via:​

1. Connect your wallet:

  • Connect your Phantom wallet (download Phantom in your browser and create an e-wallet if you don't have a Phantom wallet yet).
Connect your wallet (Phantom wallet is recommended)
2. Submit your informations & documents:
  • Step 1: Click on β€œAccount” => Select "KYC" tab, fill in your information as displayed below:
Selec KYC tab
  • Step 2: Fill in your ID number/ passport number/ driver license number and expiration date. Review all numbers and dates, then click β€œContinue”.
Fill your document information
  • Step 3: Upload photos of both sides of your document, and then click β€œContinue”. Acceptable documents:
    • ID Card
    • Passport
    • Driver License.
Capture photo of your document and upload
  • Step 4: Upload a selfie photo with your uploaded document (Note: the photo needs to be clear without shadows or glare, and contains all the information). Acceptable documents:
    • ID Card
    • Passport
    • Driver License.
Take a selfie with your document
Click on β€œI have read and agreed with the Privacy Policy” and β€œSubmit”.

How long does it take to verify my KYC?

I takes about 24 to 48 hours to review and verify your account before it's activated.

How do I know that my information is verified?

After successfully verified, an automatic private annoucement will be sent to your Telegram account (if you subscribe to our Assistant Bot). Chat with our Bot to stay updated with latest and most accurate news from Solab Finance.
Or, you can log in "My account/ KYC" to check your KYC status.