IDO Step-by-step

Solab Launchpad IDO schedule

  • Whitelist Registration Start: 2:00 AM UTC, Dec 28, 2021
    • Social Task (get more ticket): 2:00 AM UTC, Dec 28, 2021
    • Prefunding (get more ticket & prefund): 2:00 AM UTC, Jan 3, 2022
  • Whitelist Registration End: 3:59 PM UTC, Jan 10, 2022
  • Winner Announcement & Tokens Distribution: 3:59 PM UTC, Jan 12, 2022
  • Listing on Raydium: 2:00 AM UTC, Jan 13, 2022

Where can I register for Solab IDO Whitelist?

Solab Finance
Solab IDO page

Guide to register for Solab IDO Whitelist

Step 1: Click β€œConnect” to register for IDO Whitelist

Solab IDO Metrics

Step 2: The system will randomly choose the winners based on your tickets. The more tickets you own, the better chance you have to win the whitelist.

These are the 3 ways to earn tickets:
#1: Complete the Social Tasks.
  • Social tasks: You will receive 1 ticket for each task. Complete all Social tasks to earn up to 6 tickets.
#2: Invite your friends to earn.
  • Get 3 tickets when your friends successfully register for the whitelist.
  • Get 7 tickets when your friends complete the Prefunding step.
#3: Prefunding in USDC with 3 options:
  • Prefund $100 USDC: receive 10 tickets.
  • Prefund $200 USDC: receive 25 tickets.
  • Prefund $300 USDC: receive 50 tickets
Prefunding step 1: Select Amount
Prefunding step 2: Prefund Successed

Guide to buy USDC

  1. 1.
    How to buy USDC coin (USDC) on Binance for Beginners:​
  2. 2.
    How to transfer USDC coin (USDC) from Binance to Phantom wallet:​

How do I know if I win the Whitelist?

Check your status here:​
Whitelist Winner Announcement

If you win the whitelist:

  • 20% of your SOLAB tokens will be transferred to your wallet on Jan 12, 2022
  • And 80% of your SOLAB tokens will be transferred to your wallet on Feb 12, 2022

If not

  • 100% of your prefund amount will be transferred back in USDC to your wallet on Jan 12, 2022.
For any support, contact: